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Stepping Stones To make stepping stones place metal flashing on its edge to form a circle or oval. Shape and hold the metal strip with wooden pegs driven into the ground on the outside of the shape. The height of strip will depend on how high you want your stones. Pour your mix (as above) into the mould and the following day remove tin, shape and round off the edges with a wire brush. Do not walk on them for a week. Sprinkle with water each day if you can. HYPER TUFA CONTAINERS         . Decorating pots and tubs with large Rhododendron leaves Method: Follow the basic Hypertufa trough process step using two cartons but with a 1 part sand 1 part cement, 1 part peat. Select leaves that have well defined vein and leaf characteristics on the underside of the leaf. Glue the leaves face down with latex cement onto a strip of heavy paper which is long enough to line the inside of the outside carton and wide enough to cover the height of the outside carton wall. Over these leaves lightly sellotape a single covering of Gladwrap or similar very thin film ( having two people for this process helps ). Fix to the inside wall with a little sellotape. The backs of the leaves should be facing inward as this is your pattern. Using a moist, smooth mixture carefully place into the mould in the same way as normal (inside outside carton process) but be even more careful to tamp the mix into corners and around the drain holes and walls to make sure air pockets and voids are eliminated. In doing so don't tear the plastic film or damage the leaves. Leave for 24 hours then carefully peel away the inside carton having already removed the inside packing and then the outside carton and leaf pattern. Do not worry about the cardboard on the bottom as this can be removed when the tub is properly cured and can be moved. Do not attempt to move the tub for at least 6 days and even then be very careful until it is properly cured and hard. The top and inside of the tub should be wire brushed immediately after the carton is peeled away within 24 hours the leaf pattern being left smooth of course.    

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