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Recently we arranged a permanent monument to these painters on the original site of Pumpkin Cottage at Silverstream. It was here that many talented Wellington artists painted and sketched under the initial leadership of James Nairn.
1995 Akatarawa Road RD2 Upper Hutt Wellington New Zealand Email: efildoog@xtra.co.nz
"The internet lists more than a thousand hypertufa sites which is a pretty good barometer of the form’s popularity. www.efildoog-nz.com offers plenty of examples of hypertufa work, with pictures, background and the history of hypertufa, including a well researched material and tool list and hypertufa recipes.  
This is about Jock Atkins. Our old roadman who did a great job on the Akatarawa Road for half a century. His rewards were not great. I thought it would be nice to put this up so he is not entirely forgotten
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